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California Oranges

Love® Premium California Oranges from Pearson Ranch are grown in “the heart” of The San Joaquin Valley, California. Tended to by the best farming crew with years of experience, these California Oranges are farmed, with expert, caring hands. Our orange trees are irrigated by deep, clean well water run off from the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Raised under the famous “California Sunshine,” you simply will not find oranges this good unless you grew them yourself. Our sweet and juicy Oranges are picked fresh from the farm and shipped right to your door! Fall in LOVE with the citrus that has been defining the way people buy oranges online since 1998!  Remember all our Pearson Ranch/LOVE brand Oranges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

With so many ways to enjoy oranges, its no wonder why they are such a versatile piece of fruit. You can simply peel and eat them by themselves, or section them into a salad. You can juice them for drinking or add the juice into into a favorite mixed drink or baking recipe. Don’t forget the orange zest! Zest up oranges to top fresh cakes or muffins too! So whether you are buying oranges to eat, peel, or juice, know you are getting the best oranges you can find!

Pearson Ranch has been a leader of online citrus sales, selling farm fresh California Citrus online since 1998! We’re proud of our small family farm, and we are proud to share with you, the “fruits of our labor.” But most importantly, Thank You for helping to keep America “Farming Strong”!

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