Fukushu Kumquats - 5 Pounds

Fukushu Kumquats - 5 Pounds

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How will you Fukushu?

Fukushu Kumquats are the small but powerful citrus fruits you just have to try! With a sweet-tart flavor that can’t be beat, the real flavor is in the rind/peel itself! When you bite into them, you get that wonderful burst of tart citrus flavor, then comes the sweetness from the peel! You can eat them “as-is,” peel and all, or as many people like to do, you can make a marmalade-preserve with them. These little guys are truly special!

So, if you like the juicy citrus taste of mandarins, but a little more tart, and you enjoy small little flavor packed kumquats then you are sure to enjoy Fukushu Kumquats! The rind is orange and thinner than other varieties of kumquats. The flesh is orange, “sweet-tart” and acidic, and does contains a few seeds. Fukushus are quite versatile to enjoy. Think of all the great ways you can use them in your kitchen…you can eat them as is as a healthful snack, or sliced up in salads for that added “zing” of flavor. Of course they are awesome when used purees. The juice can be used in marinades or cocktails, and even made into syrup. And think of how flavorful a vinaigrette salad dressing would be with that tangy citrus flavor...Yum-O! Right?  B-T-W... Fukushus will keep up to two weeks when refrigerated.

When are Fukushu Kumquats available?

Fukushu Kumquats have a rather different harvesting season than oranges. They are typically available at various times of the growing year (which is heavily dependent on weather conditions), so their availability throughout the year will vary.

How many Fukushus come in this order?

A 5 lb order of Fukushus are approximately 50-80 pieces.

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