Love® Choice Oranges - 20 Pounds

Love® Choice Oranges - 20 Pounds

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Only Available During Navel Season!

LOVE isn't perfect. Unlike our Premium Grade Navels, our LOVE® Choice brand oranges may have blemishes from wind or the sun or maybe a little scarring. Others are oddly shaped or can have a rough skin. But what you will find on the inside, are oranges just as sweet, juicy and delicious as our Gift and Love Premium brand, but at a great lower price! So if you are willing to give LOVE a chance...the rewards can be quite fruitful.

More reasons for LOVE Choice There's always more to LOVE than great oranges at a great price! With all the wonderful health benefits that oranges have to offer, what a better way to show yourself and your body some LOVE. In fact, here is just one of the many health reasons to enjoy California oranges: The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. Citrus fruit (like oranges) and their juices are fat- and cholesterol-free and citrus fruit like California Oranges and grapefruit are high in fiber. The FDA also has concluded that low fat diets high in fruits and vegetables containing fiber, including soluble fiber, may reduce the at risk of heart disease.

What's in a Box of LOVE Choice? Each 20 pound box of LOVE Choice Oranges, contain only fresh, deliciously sweet tasting, oranges of different sizes, some with varying "character marks". Grown in the California sun, raised with caring hands and irrigated with deep underground well water, our oranges are easily backed by our 100% Pearson Ranch Satisfaction Guarantee!