Seville Oranges - 5 Pounds

Seville Oranges - 5 Pounds

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Get 5lbs of Seville Oranges with FedEx Shipping included in the price!

Seville Oranges, Sour Oranges or as some like to call them, “Marmalade Oranges”... whatever name you give them, Pearson Ranch now has them! Native to Southeast Asia, most citrus experts believe them to be (most likely) a cross between a Pomelo and a Mandarin Orange. What makes Sevilles so special? Because Seville Oranges have a higher amount of pectin than regular sweet oranges, and therefore giving a better set and a higher yield, they are prized for making the best orange marmalade! Sevilles are also used in making compotes as well as orange-flavored liqueurs. The unripe fruit, called narthangai, is commonly used in Southern Indian cuisine, and if you are a seasoned chef, you may have even used Seville Oranges in making a bigarade sauce for the French classic, Duck a l'orange.

How many pounds of Seville Oranges do I get in a box?

Pearson Ranch sells it's Seville Oranges in 5 pound Quantities.

Call Pearson Ranch at 1-888-667-2643 for more information.

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