Collection: Monthly Lemon Program

Monthly Lemon Program

Now you can have fresh Pearson Ranch California Lemons delivered to you every month (or as often as you prefer)! For lovers of beautiful, tangy California Lemons, the Monthly Lemon Delivery Program was created for you, and is all about you!  Remember just one squeeze from one of our juicy lemons can open a whole new world in your kitchen! Everyone knows, a little bit of lemon adds “perfection” to both hot and iced tea. And of course, there’s nothing better on a warm day than a tall cool glass of fresh lemonade. But why stop there? California Lemons from Pearson Ranch can add both the “zest” and “zing” to your culinary repertoire. Adding a little grated lemon rind, (a.k.a. lemon zest) to simple rice or potato dishes, or even baked goods, adds a delightfully subtle and “bright” flavor.  

Here is how the monthly lemon programs works:

1. When you sign up for the program and pay for your first order, we will ship out your first box of Pearson Ranch Lemons.

2. Then, each month there after (until the season is over), we will call YOU and ask you if you are ready for your next month’s shipment.

3. At that time we will verify your shipping information (just to make sure you haven’t moved).

4. Next, we ask you for authorization to charge your credit card for your order.

5. When authorization is complete, your next box of Pearson Ranch Lemons will soon be on its way!

6. As a special “Thank You”, when you join the Pearson Ranch Monthly Lemon Delivery Program, you save $5.00 off of the regular “non-member” price per box!

7. Finally, just to keep things simple…if at any time you wish to “opt-out” of the program…just let us know and we will take you off the list. No pressure, no hassle, nothing to ever buy again.

So when you’re ready for tangy and juicy lemon goodness to greet you at your door step, Pearson Ranch is ready for YOU, with our “Monthly Lemon Delivery Program”.

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