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Moro Blood Oranges... The "Blood" orange is one of the most colorful varieties in the world of Specialty Citrus products. They are the earliest ripening and darkest of the blood oranges. The fruit is generally smaller than an average orange. The outer rind of the blood orange is usually somewhat pitted in texture. Bloods are also one of the most "under used" pieces of fruit in the world of citrus. Try using blood oranges in a "Sangria" drink. Use both some of the juice from the bloods and cut them into thin slices (along with slices of lime) to "float" along the top of the Sangria bowl as a colorful and spectacular garnish. You could also replace regular orange juice for Blood Orange juice in an orange cake recipe and use slices of the blood orange to decorate the top, for a bold and exciting twist! If you can dream up a recipe with oranges and orange juice, why not add some "drama" to the mix and see what you can create. Besides, when cooking from the heart with blood oranges, there is never the risk of your efforts ever "vein"! Did you know...? The blood orange is often (and incorrectly) described as a hybrid between a pomelo and a tangerine or other citrus, but it is merely just a genetic mutation of a sweet orange. The distinctive dark flesh color of blood oranges are due to the presence of the pigment anthocyanin, this pigment is common to many fruit and flower varieties, but uncommon in citrus, however obviously not to blood oranges. When are Moro Bloods available? Bloods have a rather short harvesting season. They are typically available from Late DECEMBER thru MARCH. Due to the small availability and short season, annual market pricing will also vary from season to season. How many pounds do I get in a box? An order made from this page is for 10 pounds. Call Pearson Ranch at 1-888-667-2643 for more information.
In case you were wondering...10lbs.= approx. 16-28 pieces of fruit (depending on fruit size we are packing at the time of shipment)

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