Bergamot Sour Oranges - 5 Pounds

Bergamot Sour Oranges - 5 Pounds

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Bergamots will be available from LATE NOVEMBER thru MARCH! Please Call us if you wish to PRE-ORDER 559-784-9000

Bergamot Sour Orange...You might know bergamot sour oranges as a yellowish green fruit used for sauces, perfumes, marmalades, and even exotic recipes. However, they are probably better known for their production of bergamot oil, a component of many types of tea, particularly Earl Grey tea. Bergamots are thought to be a hybrid of sour orange and citron or lemon, and if you ever tried one "as is" you would probably agree that they are! Historically speaking, the word bergamot is believed to come from the Turkish term "beg-armade," meaning "Lord's pear". They are primarily grown in southern Italy, in which the majority of the world's supply of bergamot sour oranges now comes. However, if you are looking to buy them, you don’t have to travel to Italy (although it does sound like it would be fun) in order to get some for your very own. You can now buy California grown bergamot sour oranges from Pearson Ranch, right here in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley!

When are Bergamot Sour Oranges available? Bergamots have a rather short harvesting season. They are typically available from LATE NOVEMBER thru MARCH. Due to their limited quantities and short season, annual market pricing will also vary from season to season. Please call Pearson Ranch at 1-888-667-2643 to check on availability!

How many pounds of Bergamots do I get in a box? Pearson Ranch sells it's Bergamots in 5 pound Quantities.  Order yours today and Shipping included in the price!

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