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Melo Gold Grapefruit (Full Order)

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The Melogold Grapefruit is what you get when you cross a low acid Pomelo with a white grapefruit. "Melo" for the sweet 'mello' flavor, and "Gold" for the deep yellow color of the skin when they fully turn color. This hybrid has only been around since 1986, but has quickly become a citrus lovers favorite...especially if you want a lower acid grapefruit. Melogolds are very juicy with a "sweet-tart" flavor that lends itself to great tasting recipes, like mixed drinks or fruit salads. You can eat them with a spoon or peel them like an orange or even juice them in the morning for a delicious, healthful, and eye-opening breakfast drink!

Each full order box contains 20 lbs (approx. 12-20 pieces) of Melogold Grapefruit.