Meyer Lemons- 5 Pounds

Meyer Lemons- 5 Pounds

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Meyer Lemons are believed to be a "cross" between a regular lemon and a mandarin. They also tend to have a more smooth and "rounder" texture than your average lemon variety. After this wonderful citrus fruit was discovered in China, then brought to America, it seems that ever since, chefs and great cooks everywhere have rejoiced! And with their sweeter, less tart and abundant juice content, it is no wonder even the famous of the famous T.V. chefs and cooks sing high praises for the Meyer Lemon. So, as we here at Pearson Ranch like to say... " When life hands you lemons, make something fabulous!"

Did you know...?

The Meyer Lemon gets it name from a USDA employee (Frank N. Meyer) who brought back a sample to the U.S. from a trip to China in 1908.

When are Meyer Lemons available? 
Meyer Lemons are (typically) available most of the year, however, due to the very high demand of Meyer Lemons, your order will be shipped to you based upon their availability at the time you place your order.

How many pounds of Meyer Lemons do I get in a box?

Pearson Ranch sells it's Meyer Lemons in 5 pound quantities, which can average (depending on sizes available) 9-15 lemons per order.

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