Pink Lemons- 1 Pound

Pink Lemons- 1 Pound

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Pink Lemons, they really do exist! Variegated Pink Lemons are one of nature's greatest "little happy accidents". The Variegated Pink Lemon is also known as a Variegated Eureka Lemon, because they were discovered growing on their own small branch or "shoot" on a regular Eureka Lemon tree. What can you do with pink lemons from Pearson Ranch? Anything you would do with any ordinary lemon. So, in reality you really can make "honest to goodness" pink lemonade without having to use chemicals or a container of store bought pink lemonade "crystals" with "who knows what" lurking inside. They taste like regular lemons, have a similar shape of lemons, but both inside and out they sure look a whole lot different. With their green and white stripes on the outside and their light rosy pink color on the inside, these pink lemons are sure to please the exotic fruit lover in all of you. So add a whole new twist to your regular kitchen "must have" of lemons, and let's get cooking!

When are Variegated Pink Lemons available? They are available almost year round... with the exception of a few times  when they are growing between harvests. However, be aware that the Pink Lemon season can vary from year to year so please be sure to check for availability.

1 pound of Pink Lemons = 3-4 pieces and are about the size of a lime.

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