Collection: Kumquat Citrus

Kumquat Citrus...BIG taste in a little piece of fruit

If you enjoy the juicy citrus taste of oranges or mandarins, but like it little more tart, then you might like kumquat citrus like; Mandarinquats, Fukushus, Centennialquats or Calamondins.  And if you enjoy that burst of citrus flavor in a small, little versatile piece of fruit, then kumquats really are the fruit for you! The rind of kumquats and are generally orange and thin, the flesh is orange, “sweet-tart” and acidic, and do contains a few seeds. There are many great ways you can use them in your kitchen…you can eat them as is, as a healthful snack, or sliced up in salads for that added “zing” of flavor. Of course they are wonderful when used in purees. Many people candy the skins, and the juice can be used in marinades or cocktails, and even made into syrup. Just think of how flavorful a vinaigrette salad dressing would be with the tangy citrus flavor of about versatile.  Also, (when in season) we also carry Limequats, which have an intense lemon/lime flavor which would be good in sour drinks and in cooking rather than for eating on their own. So when you're ready for a new experience in citrus, or maybe you already know how great kumquat citrus is, you know where can you get these titans of citrus flavor. 

A message about the Specialty Citrus we sell...As growers of only the highest quality California Oranges and Pomelos, we understand what “makes the best citrus!” We have developed relationships with other talented and wonderful citrus growers around our local area in California, this allows us to obtain only the best and carefully grown specialty citrus anywhere!

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