Monthly Juice Oranges - 35 Pounds

Monthly Juice Oranges - 35 Pounds

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(35 lbs. is approx. 64-113 oranges)

Subscribe to receive our 35 lb. box of fresh Juice Oranges delivered to you every month! For lovers of beautiful and delicious California Oranges, the "Monthly Orange Delivery Program"* was created for you, and is all about you!

When you're ready for 35 lbs. of sweet and juicy California "sunshine" to greet you at your doorstep, Pearson Ranch is ready for YOU.

What if you want juice oranges other than just every month? Pearson Ranch is happy to accommodate! Just call us and we can ship you more oranges sooner! You can even change your order from 20 lbs. to 35 lbs. (and vice-versa) of fruit at any time with just one phone call or e-mail! Our goal is for you to have oranges when you want them!

Everyone knows that there are  many great health reasons for drinking orange juice, but like most of you, we feel that the best reason is quite simply... because it tastes so good!  So "get your  juice on" with Juice grade oranges from Pearson Ranch.